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You Have a Problem. The way you are current measuring your advertising ROI is never the same as the beginning versus the end of the quarter, what if you could predict a 95% accuracy of what your ROI will be at anytime with any budget. It’s not magic (even though it seems like it is).

Today, Insurance companies rely on internal and external resources to drive the highest quality leads while keeping a measurable and predictable ROI. With cost per click continuing to rise, due to increased competition and aggressive bidding behaviors, keeping control of the bidding strategies online is almost becoming impossible for human marketers to keep up.

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Get Control. Don’t compromise your marketing budget because your ROI is looking slumped. Connect your Google Adwords account to PredictiveBid’s AI platform to start the analyzation process, this way your already on the way to knowing how long it will take to turn your ROI back up and give you a more educated ROI prediction for your next budget meeting. As indicated by the world showcasing report, associations that can compute ROI will probably get higher spending plans.