AI powered bid optimization
for brands at scale who need unmatched ROI.

You really can work smarter, not harder.

Results that speak for themselves.

By analyzing hundreds of thousands of keyword bids in real-time, PredictiveBid delivers…

Higher Quality Leads

Integrate CRM data to optimize for higher quality leads.

More Conversions

Maximize search ads conversions, not just clicks.

Lower CPA

Real time bid optimization delivers avg of 25% improvement to CPA.

How it works…

Simply connect PredictiveBid to relevant data sources. CRM and Adwords are great places to start.
PredictiveBid AI analyzes millions of data-points to train the model, enabling predictive bidding to start.
Go-live, and PredictiveBid AI begins optimizing bids in real-time, improving lead quality and volume, and reducing CPA.

Trusted by innovative companies…

“When we expanded the account with Predictivebid, it helped us increase efficiency by 30% and it helped the revenue increase dramatically.”

Performance Marketing Director, WalkMe

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